My name is Paully aka thepspdiva. I live in the USA and have been tagging since 2001. I enjoy making tags and do so frequently. If you would like to be added to my always list, please email me.

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Paully's Always List

Hi Everyone,

Over the years I have tried having an always list using various forms of media: MSN Groups, Yahoo Groups, Forums and even Facebook Groups.  I have tried to find what would not only work for me, but for others as well without giving folks another group to join.  A few days ago I realized that I pick up tags from an Always List on a blog and well here we are. 

My next post will include the names of individuals that have requested to be on my list.  I will be updating said list whenever I get a new request.  My goal is to limit this list to 50 as I have never learned to script.  If you have stumbled upon my blog and wish to be added, simply email me at paully-1@hotmail.com.