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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Final Tag of 2018 and an update

Good Morning.
Today I have an update for you and your final tag of 2018.
First let me apologize for being absent these last two months.  The end of 2018 has been busy and emotional for me.  For starters both children moved out and I was hired on from a temporary employee to a full time employee.  During this process I was switched from third shift to first and back to third, where I hope to remain.  Time will tell.  Then in November, I found out my Grandmother was dying from varies conditions that come with being older.  I am forty-three and she is eighty five.  I stopped everything and spent three emotion filled days with her at the end of last month.  She had a heart attack the morning after I left.  It has been touch and go ever since. I dread getting calls and emails from my Father as I know soon it will break my heart.
  Needless to say this is an emotional and stressful holiday season.  

Now for the part that affects you: If you would like to be on my Always List in 2019, I need to hear from you letting me know you wish to remain on the list.  Anyone I do not hear from by December 31, 2018 will be removed.  I can always re-add you once you contact me.  You can contact me via Facebook (Pauline Ainsworth) or email paully-1@hotmail.com or paullyspsp@gmail.com or you can leave a comment on this thread.  Any of these options work.

Moving forward everyone will get at least one tag a week, hopefully more.
Thank you all for your wonderful friendship and support.

I hope you like your new tag.